A Love for Hosting

The tiny houses at Sheltered Nook have been an evolution that began with Dee and Mark’s love for hosting and entertaining.
Dee & Mark


After purchasing three acres on Tillamook Bay in Bay City in 2005, the couple opened their home up to cyclists who were looking for a spot to pitch a tent and a warm shower.

Over time they hosted more than 300 cyclists.

They hosted people from all over the world; it left lasting memories. They filled a need.

In 2013, their home evolved into a full bed & breakfast; but soon, the concept of the tiny house became Sheltered Nook’s focus.

Social, But Private

The people who visit Sheltered Nook seek community. They want the experience of people & social interactions, but they desire their privacy as well.

Sheltered Nook features six uniquely-themed tiny homes. Each home has 385 square-feet of living space.

The Nook is centrally located and provides easy access to locally-sourced goods, including beers & wines, food, and services.

Aerial image of a tiny home at Sheltered Nook in Bay City, Oregon.

Where Thoughtful People Go

Sheltered Nook is an opportunity to live an intentional, eco-friendly lifestyle – even if for just one night. It's a home away from home, with extremely clean facilities, and a sense of community and solitude.
Sheltered Nook

A Little Piece Of Paradise

Since the beginning, the heart of Sheltered Nook has never changed. We still enjoy visiting with  guests, who come from all over the world, to share this little piece of paradise.